A catastrophic loss can put a family without a home or a business out of business.
Construction LTD responds with specialized "round-the-clock" service that restores operations as quickly as possible. We service all of Houston in our normal course of business and the entire state for large losses. We are fully equipped and mobilized to the disaster sites within 24 hours of notice.


Our team of professionals includes many seasoned restorers that have been in the business for several years. Construction LTD helps identify and prioritize the appropriate restoration procedures to minimize disruption of family life or critical business operations that would otherwise be shutdown. Construction LTD will provide a cost containment estimate and time projection while determining the scope of damage and the potential for restoration.


Emergency Services:
• Building and Contents Drying and Dehumidification
• Water Saturated Document Processing
• Selective Demolition and Debris Removal
• Odor Removal
• Building Protection (Board-up and Security)
• Antimicrobial Treatment
• Mildew Arresting and Abatement
• Corrosion Control and Emergency Protection of Machinery
• Tools
• Inventory


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