Property damaged by water from storms, fire fighting equipment, broken pipes, etc. needs professional moisture removal attention fast to reduce any additional damage to the structure and its contents.
Construction LTD owns an inventory of dehumidifiers which expedites the delivery time to the jobsite and reduces the cost for all parties concerned.
Time is a critical factor in the mitigation of water damage. Our recovery resources, from equipment and personnel, to property management and inventory supplies, will get you back in your home or business, so you get back to normal life.


Construction LTD services can save the structure, including:
• Framing
• Drywall
• Insulation
• Plaster
• Ceilings
• Carpeting
• Floors
• Dry Clean and Restore Contents including Furniture, Electronic Equipment and Computers
• Arrest Mold, Mildew and Bacteria Growth
• Water Extraction
• Dehumidification and Odor Removal
• Provide Project Management

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